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I’m currently making updates to my published and unpublished blog articles which have been sitting in the Drafts section of my WordPress website for many, many months now (and years, in my notepads!).

WordPress unpublished articles

My current WordPress dashboard: Lots of unpublished articles!

As you might know, I’ve been doing volunteer coaching for free for over 2 years now, aside from paid mentoring and doing online jobs and side projects. I’ve been swamped with countless messages on my inboxes, and this is why my articles took a backseat.

My OnlineJobsPlus Facebook page

My OnlineJobsPlus Facebook page

I get dozens and dozens of messages weekly (often daily!). I read every single one of them, and answer with as much detail as possible. Doing so takes a lot of time.

Scrolled inbox

My personal inbox: PARTIALLY scrolled versus unscrolled

Thousands of messages later, I’m still doing it to help new and struggling workers so they can start their online jobs journey better, faster, and on the right foot.

I will post the links of the updated articles here soon, so be sure to check back this December.

If you find my articles helpful, please share them with your friends and those interested in online jobs! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance! 😀

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