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OnlineJobsPlus taking a skydiving leap of faith in Zapier

Me taking a skydiving leap of faith in Zapier!

I’m sharing this post publicly to give new freelancers insights into how I select clients or companies I work with. Hopefully this will give you a framework that you can adapt to your preferences when filtering clients and applying to jobs in and outside Upwork.

The simple process I follow has always revolved around these steps:

  • Check the job post. Read all the details
  • Check if it’s a good/great fit (Addressing critical questions like: Am I qualified? Does the client/company share my culture/values and provide a good offer/package? Am I excited to work with them?)
  • Background check the client or company as extensively as possible within a limited time (great job openings don’t last forever!)
  • Apply and comply with the job application requirements

Now, let’s focus on Zapier. Is it really a perfect company to work for/with? I’ll share my reasons below.

New Year, New Challenges

I’ve been looking for new challenges and direct clients since I’ve started venturing outside Upwork for a few years now.

I’ve occasionally searched for jobs outside Upwork and never really found one, though. My stringent checklist is usually the culprit… But this time is different!

A Bit of History: Zapier and Me

I first learned about Zapier one or two years ago when I was exploring tools that can benefit freelancers like you and me.

Then, I came across Zapier again several weeks ago while I was going through a page or article about ManyChat, a Facebook Messenger automation tool.

I’d been considering using Facebook Messenger automation as I’ve been getting a deluge of messages from freelancers asking for help on my Facebook page and personal Facebook account — almost daily since mid- to late-2016.

I was looking for a way to automate a huge part of my “unpaid customer service work” (in other words, volunteering work ­čśü) so I can free up my time. I’ve been spending at least 10-20 hours weekly┬ápersistently helping other people for free.

Scout Oath

On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

As a lifelong Boy Scout, it’s been hard for me to ignore people asking for help. So I’ve looked for a good balance between helping people out and freeing up my time so I can get more rest and be more efficient and productive.

Serendipity is Real

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been checking out job offers outside Upwork occasionally.

This time, the job search is special and memorable because learning about recent job openings on Zapier is serendipity. (And this is the first time I’ve used that word in my life — serendipity!)

My search for automation help came to a sudden halt when I explored Zapier’s website… and eventually its Jobs page.

Checking a company website’s Jobs or Careers page wasn’t surprising in my case, at all. I’ve been doing it for many years. What’s pleasantly surprising, though, was Zapier’s job opening fits me almost perfectly.

I say “almost perfectly” because the job position isn’t the typical position that I apply for, but the qualifications and requirements fit me perfectly.

Perfect Fit? The Checklist with Six Positive Signs

Magic Words: Flexible AND Remote Work

I always look for remote and flexible work. This point alone is a huge check for me.

Flexibility allows me to work productively, and at the same time, enjoy my time outside work.

Another magic word (or phrase) they used: “non-standard application process”. It was music to my ears!

Filters, Qualifications, and Requirements

Remember the screening questions I mentioned earlier?

Am I qualified? Does the client/company share my culture/values and provide a good offer/package? Am I excited to work with them?

All questions were answered by a resounding “YES!”

Perks and Benefits

Generous benefits and perks by Zapier

Generous benefits and perks by Zapier

They explicitly mentioned that they “don’t use remote as an excuse to pay less”. I really appreciate that. This is a sign that they respect and care for their employees!

Diversity, Culture, and Values

Zapier's take on values, conduct, commitment, and culture

Zapier’s take on values, conduct, commitment, and culture

When you visit their website and job offer pages, you’d see this list of resources, concerning their views on commitment, values, diversity, and conduct.

They have spent time crafting these documents, and that’s a big plus for everyone in the team, because doing so puts everyone on the same page.

I love the fact that they used the term “leap of faith”. I view that as another sign of care and humility on their part.

Team Dynamics

Zapier team growth: from less than 10, to over 100!

Zapier: from less than 10, to over 100!

I checked Zapier’s About page, which also acts as their Team page.

The Zapier team looks like a happy and relaxed bunch. This tells me that they’re enjoying their time on Zapier!

Employee Feedback

I’m always curious if there are Filipino team members, because many teams and companies worldwide do! I found three possible Filipinos on their team and reached out to them to confirm.

One out of three, Chris, responded, and she’s been gracious enough to answer some of my questions about working with Zapier. Her replies further cemented my view that Zapier is a perfect fit, in terms of the job and the company itself.

Employee reviews were positive as well.

Any Red Flags?

As part of my standard screening process, I always look out for red flags.

So far, the only complaints I found concerning Zapier revolved around their screening and interview processes.

Considering the previous positive signs I’ve mentioned, I think this “red flag” is minor, especially for people who’d eventually get hired.

Taking a Leap of Faith in Zapier, Me

Based on the above-mentioned points, I believe that taking a leap of faith in Zapier is really worth it. And that’s why I am doing it and you should too!

But will they take a leap of faith in me? I really hope they would because that would make me zapier!

Is it really serendipity? We’ll see.┬á­čśë

Regardless of what happens, I believe Zapier is a perfect company to work for — or at least close to being one!

Skydiving Photo by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes on Unsplash

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